Mikray Pida was born and raised in the Xinjiang Uighur atonomous region ,is the Turkic-languge speaking ethnic from the western part of China. She had studied expressionism even before getting to art school and worked primarily in oil, watercolors, and pen and ink. In 1991-1995, she studied at the Xinjiang Fine Arts institute in the capital city. In 1996 -2005, she moved to Beijing as a professional artist, and, over the last 10 years has travelled extensively in Europe, West Asia, and the United States. 2010 became US citizen.

For the entire period of 1989 to 2005, she was able to experience first-hand the growth of contemporary art and the moment of its introduction into China, especially Beijing.

Mikray's works have been collected by Asian and Western collectors and have been exhibited in China and the US.